Star Wars er en familietragedie

Dyster analyse af Starwalker slægtens familieforbandelse:

This will ruin the Rise of Skywalker for you.

So it’s all about the Skywalker family, right?

Shmi Skywalker – dies alone and in agony.

Padme Amidala, married into the family – gets force choked by the love of her life and dies in childbirth.

Anakin Skywalker – turns evil, slaughters children, dies saving his son.

Han Solo, married into the family – relationship with Leia falls apart, stabbed with a lightsaber by his son, dies.

Luke Skywalker – lives a miserable life, alone and unloved, dies alone, and I remind you Anakin died so that he might live.

Leia Organa – love with Han falls apart, dies trying to save her son…

Ben Solo – sacrifices himself in an act of great heroism to save the love of his life, dies, seemingly unmourned

That’s it, that’s the family history


Kåre Ghisler Fuglsbjerg @kgfuglsbjerg